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I am in San Blas. Had a hell of day trying to rely on Goji Ruji. I knew better but I think my late night at Joe's Oyster Bar clouded my judgement.

I fly back to AK on the 9th and am storing my bike in PV. I return in 3 weeks for a 4 month ride to Peru. My TC is not an issue because I am in and out of Mex with in the 30 days on each trip. Its the whole leaving the bike in PV and the TVIP will expire before I return.

I will give it a shot at sorting it out in PV. I am not sure where to even go.

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The TVIP will always be for the same term as you visa/TC. I'm thinking you can head to the nearest Banjercito office and ask for mercy but I doubt they will be able to do anything and you are probably going to have to go to immigration and turn in the tourist visa and get a new one for 180 days (not free). Then do the same thing at the Banjercito. You will get your deposit back at the current exchange rate then pay it again. You will be out the initial fee you paid unless you find a sympathetic ear and someone who knows how to force the computer to cooperate.

How many days do you plan on being in Mexico?

Buenes suerte and report back to the rest of us with the outcome.

Where are you at the moment?
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