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Originally Posted by Two Moto Kiwis View Post
Great info thanks, need to get to Hermosillo for probable rear shock work on my bike, also need to get an address for our chains and sprockets to be sent to, do you have any good info on how to do that to a post shop or someone addy as we know no one down here.

Still getting feet on the ground.

Also the BIG question is are motorcycles exempt from Toll charges on the main drags?
Usually NOT free. But at one time ... Bikes used to be free on Sunday! Now? Dunno. By now you've no doubt paid around $70 (ea) in tolls on Mex 15.

You guys are worrying me now. You wait until you're in Mexico to address a shock problem? Southern California has more Suspension businesses than any place in the country!

You may have made an error leaving the USA needing chain and sprockets. Getting a package shipped to you in Mexico ... or nearly anywhere in Latin America is a royal PITA ... and it will most likely cost you serious money ... or it may not make it to you at all.
Duty can be more than the value of the goods. May save you $300 to $400 to turn round, go back the get what you need before you're too far South?

I'm surprised you didn't know this ... it's common knowledge in ANY beginners guide book for Latin America.

What state are your chains in now? How many miles on them? Are you carrying spare front sprockets?

Here are a few rules my good riding buddy (and Mexico expert) Ray lays out for guys going on our 21 day Mexico rides:

New Chain and sprockets
New Tires, tubes (plenty of spare tubes)
New Battery
Bike should be in PERFECT running order. All bearings should be checked before departure, suspension should be sorted out.
Any issues need to be dealt with ... before the ride."

Our rides are only 2 to 3000 miles, but mostly off road, but nothing compared to what you'll do in terms of overall mileage.

Some common DR650 chain info:
The stock DR650 DID O ring chain is good for about 14,000 miles (give or take). A replacement chain should be a DID X-ring VM2 (or new VX2). This chain will go 25,000 miles. Which means it should do your whole ride.

I'm on my 2nd VM-2 X-Ring at 48,000 miles. They flat work. 14K on original O ring chain, 24K on 2nd chain (a DID VM-2) and now around 10K on current DID VM-2. Like new.

As a former AMA Enduro racer I've used all kinds of so called "miracle" sprockets. None of them have worked. On my 3 DR650's and 90K miles, I've had best luck with STOCK OEM steel sprockets. The trick to long chain life on the DR650 is changing your front sprocket about every 8 to 10,000 miles. I would carry 3 original spares each. A rear can last all the way to 25,000, if you care for things ... or change it at about 15K miles if you can find a suitable one on the road. (Never, ever fit a cheap sprocket ... it will make you pay)

Use miracle brands like Supersprox at your own risk. They never wear out ... but they'll EAT your nice expensive chain in 10K miles! They are too hard.

In Guadalajara, go to the BMW dealer. They know a shock tech there who may help. He just rebuilt a shock for a KLR rider last week. I'll look for the link, but you've got a start. Good luck.

This from Nathan's thread in Latin America:

Originally Posted by NathanCooper View Post
So I rode to Guadalajara bouncing around on the rear spring. We walked into a BMW heavy moto shop and they connected me to a guy named Saul who has a garage and works on suspension systems. He had the pieces that were broken on hand and we took apart the rear shock absorber and rebuilt it. I got there late, but he stayed open and worked on it until it was finish (about 4 hours) and gave me a really good deal on it. He even made it a bit beefier.

With that problem fixed, We rode to Mexico City (technically Jilotepec). Everything's fine now, except that KLR has again started pushing through oil.

Saul told me that an Italian woman riding from Argentina to Alaska stopped by his shop a few years ago. Her rear shock abosorber broke in Venezuela and she made it all the way to Guadalajara just like that...

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