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That was fun. I didn't know what to expect from GP and in the end I think I enjoyed it more than racing in the desert - it seemed like I didn't have to take too many risks as the course was safer than running wide open in the open.

My best race lap was pathetic 18:28 (strangely I did 18:02 in unclassified race when I was just cruising). I thought I was going OK until I looked up expert lap times - Robby Bell did 12:36. Really? They must be cheating or flying. Perhaps I could have gone few seconds faster, but I really wanted to finish safe and after few oh shit moments I settled for my safe pace. I think next race I will be way more aggressive passing people, playing super nice guy rewarded me with two stroke smoke and face full of silt for one full lap.

Pasta, your best lap time was 19:31. For some reason you did 3 laps and I did 4. We have so much to learn it's not even funny. Paging MotoMike
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