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Originally Posted by tunp View Post
yes it can be done. i run a truly gutted and reworked can.

But it takes some work. I cut both end caps right behind weld, then you need to hole saw out the exhaust outlet (1 1/2" hole) is what i used. On the back side of can you must cut all the way thru which will cut thru the cat pipe also
After that you can slide the whole baffle assembly out.
I then reweld rear cap back on, welded an 1 3/4 dia pipe to the end cap, then used a 1 1/2 stainless preforated baffle thru can packed with baffle material i suggest stainless steel wool as the normal packing did not last long.
for the end cap i cut a pc off the interal baffle and welded to the inside of can so it projects enough to rivet the end cap on for repacking.
It will work and sounds good but it is loud, i ended up fitting an FMF spark arrestor on the end cap to reduce noise level.
I am aware of the necessary re jet. Did the setup you made weigh significantly less than original or is it relatively the same. Also do the cans run cooler?
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