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Why...? To pick over the bones... or rake it over the coals?
A poor google translation from here.

Bordone Ferrari, the rude awakening from a dream. What will happen now?
The question arises of recent developments, especially in the enduro. The seizure and confiscation of all material in the Bordone Ferrari team happened to return from Morocco, after the race in mid-October and the surprise was total. The world enduro is still in shock over what happened, and this is not conducive to a certain setting which does not cross an easy time.

27 motorbikes, vans and trucks and then. This is the 'booty' result from the maxi confiscation took place in the halls of Milan Bordone Ferrari. The bailiff them waited at the gate and just returned from Morocco, two Tuesdays ago, the men's team found themselves in front of the officials responsible for the maxi seizure. Just enough time to open the gates to let in the media and the officer arrived, as they were washing the vans.

All these bikes, enduro, were blocked and now the material will be used to repay the many debts that the team had accumulated with many suppliers. They saved the only motorcycle rally - those that exist in reality, because it seems that the 4 bikes provided for the Dakar are not even been completed - and survived the kidnapping because they are in Spain, home of the chief mechanic Fernando. Other bikes but I'm still in Africa, engaged in a race. All other means now, though, are in the hands of justice that should easily put up for auction to recover all the money that will then settle outstanding accounts of too many people.

Still walk so not only the drivers but also the mechanics who believed in this project and we were devoted heart and soul, just as the pilots themselves. Many of them have not yet received the salary, and it seems that what is really going on for a few months already, and no one knows what will happen to them now that the Bordone Ferrari has closed its doors.

The question remains for the rally. What will they do now Alessandro Botturi and Jordi Viladoms? I speak of them two because Paolo Ceci and Gerard Farres seem to be already out of the team. After the rally in Morocco drivers were down in Africa and are facing the race of Merzouga, organized by Edo Mossi but on their return will need to make a decision for the Dakar, to understand who we will be. With the French ASO in fact, do not mess around ... if you want to participate you must pay for everything, IN ADVANCE, otherwise in Lima do not get it.
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