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Originally Posted by LandsVW View Post
... how does one torque the clutch nut w/o special tools or air? ...

Lock up anything rotating in relation to the clutch and then apply a torque wrench with appropiately sized socket tot the clutch nut, then bend the washer to lock it in place, if so equipped.

The only thing I'm surprised about in this build is the lack of a hone job and new rings. But I suppose it won't burn TOO MUCH oil.

What is the opinion of more seasoned experts in the line of piston rings and hones on reassembly? I have usually been told the two are mandatory upon disassembly of any internal combustion engine, whether 2 or 4 stroke. Although come to think of it, 2 stroke engine 50ccs I think I may have re-used the same rings, but without much noticeable smoking since it was 2-stroke, but also without much noticeable compression loss since I never checked it. Thoughts?
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