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I left my camera at home again, so no pics today.

Made a little progress, though. I pulled the piston sleeves from two of the cylinder bolcks. The plan was to swap the good ones into the block for the stock motor and put the scratched and rusted ones into the block that is going to be bored. Standard procedure is to put the block into an oven at 200*. Not having a spare oven, I bought a couple of foil disposable lasagna pans at the grocery store and make a mini-oven with them. Heat was from a heat gun. It worked pretty well. Especially since it took a lot more than 200* before the liners dropped and when they did there was a lot of oil smoke.

Another nice* discovery was made on Cyclefreak's motor. There's an oil pump on the transmission shaft who's pickup is routed differently on the 550 and 650. This was the first time I'd seen how the 550 works, so if I stick with the 650 sump (it has more oil capacity and a baffle) I can duplicate the 550 oiling.

*nice as in, really really nice to discover it now.

There was some big critter out in the woods tonight. I thought it sounded a bit like a coyote and a bit like an owl. Rick said a neighbor saw a bear the other day. Danny said bark and bark and bark and bark and bark until they let me inside.
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