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Originally Posted by ttpete View Post
You mean people who are too lazy, right?

I don't shoot much corrosive stuff any more. When I did, I'd fire a few non corrosive rounds before quitting, just to get the crap out of the bore immediately, because if it was humid the rust would start very soon.
I think that they are lazy.

I have bought a few like you guys talked about.....this is the bolt face on my SVT-40 when it arrived....I got it cleaned up but man...don't be stupid....I can understand that the 91/30 only cost you $89, but take care of the darn thing will you please....and I think that is the problem....they are so inexpensive (for the most part) that people do not care. Past that you get those that like this old stuff but just do not want ot go to all the hassle to take care of it.

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