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Originally Posted by rossguzzi View Post
It`s an 03. The bike just came back from a mechanic and he said there was a small pin in the clutch rod that was broken. He replaced it. Slave is not leaking. I will bleed next just in case. Where the ball bearing meets the rod there is a tiny mark in the end of the rod. I think this is ok.

Just got the jet drilled out to 0.5 and it drags even more now ! Before I could still get neutral sometimes. Now, I don't think so :(

The Pin only holds the rod from spinning and could be broken from installing the slave system wrong. That could cause it to hang up if jammed.

The 03' has the OLD style 3 piece push rod stock, that should have been pull completely out and inspected or upgraded. If it's gotten shorter from compression over use, this could be an issue. You won't have enough travel to compensate for this in the Slave unit.

Having a small dot on the end of the shaft is normal, but if it's too big, that's not good.

With a larger oil jet, a little blip of the throttle might be needed to find nuetral. It's a feel thing, but should not be a huge issue.
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