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Originally Posted by LukasM View Post
KTM triples are available in a variety of offsets, although nothing below 11mm or above 35mm I believe. Fork bottoms on the WP43 and WP48 have the axle leading by 35mm if I remember correctly.
What ktm triples came with anything close to a 35mm offset?

Also, by "axle leading by 35mm" do you mean how far the axle centre is forward of the fork tube centre? Ie axle offset?
35mm sounds about right for the USD forks, and that is the figure R-dubb was working with in this thread, so I am assuming that is what you meant.
But if anyone has these forks please measure them.

Considering my rough measurement was brought up at the beginning of this thread I thought it was about time I revised it.

I just had another look at the G/S forks verses my WP50's
Now that I've got a spare set of WP50's on the bench I could give them a proper measure.

I would like it if someone else with WP50's and G/S forks would have a got at these measurements, as it is a little tricky.

I also measured the G/S triple clamp offset because I had never actually done that before and was just assuming the reported figure was right.. it was

G/S triple clamp offset = 38mm

G/S Axle Offset = my calculations were 24.65mm

WP50 Axle Offset = my calculations were 40.26mm

I'm going to call that 25mm and 40mm until someone corrects or confirms and call that 15mm difference of axle offset between the G/S and WP50's,
and if the 35mm axle offset on the WP USD forks is right, then a 10mm difference on those forks.

Most intend to extend the front at least a bit to get some more travel and/or ground clearance.
Some people are extending the swing arms or (like my plan to move the lower shock mount forward) just raising the rear a little, to accomplish the same things and balance changes on the front end.

We worked out in another thread that a 50mm swing arm extension (with no major changes in sag) nets around 12-15mm more height, doubled to 24-30mm for a 100mm swing arm extension..

Most of us, myself included will try lengthening the forks quite a bit more than that, so even with getting more travel at the rear end, chances are for those that aim for a taller bike, the end result will be an increase in trail...

thus reducing trail at the triples or the axle with a nice big offset to get a taller bike with more travel might be a pretty good thing...

complicated stuff.

I would really like to understand it all better, but I'll be happy if I can just end up with a bike that rides like I want it to
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