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Originally Posted by Eddy Alvarez View Post
Holy smokes! Over 350 people in front of me waiting to vote. I've been in line almost an hour. No way in Hell am I getting out of this line! My parents didn't leave everything they knew and owned to travel to greatest country on earth to have their kids and grandchildren live under the oppression of a undocumented, atheist, socialist, liar and his idiot sidekick who is suffering from early Alzheimer's...go vote!

Bikes are cool!
Please people, I'm begging you. Let's keep the politcal crap out of this forum. You can say things that will damage friendships and this is supposed to be about riding. Or guns, or eating.... or anything but politics.

I have also done my patriotic duty and voted. I hope everyone does. That's what makes this country great. But I have no desire to hear your political views, nor who you voted for or why, today, tomorrow, or whenever, on this forum.

Feel free to talk to me face to face though! Just ask Tony........ he and I have had some wonderfully energetic discussions!

Now go vote! I'm going back to vote again this afternoon, and then maybe again tonight before the polls close.....

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