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Dug a little deeper last night. I dropped the motor oil which was pretty dirty and changed it. Final drive oil looked brand new, but got changed anyway. Only typical fuzz on the magnet. I opened the fill port on the trans to see how the oil looked and very clean oil came gushing out. The PO must've leaned it over on its right side to fill it and then REALLY filled it. I didn't end up changing it because what came out was so clean. The left side valves were right where I like 'em, .10/.17 intake/exhaust, the crash bar needed a good kick of a boot heel in order to get the rocker cover off though. The right side exhaust was also .17, but the intake was almost closed up so it got a little more wiggle room. The bike still has all the clean air crap on it, so I need to order up the parts to rip that out and block it off. Also, I think the shock might be due for a rebuild. It's got a bit of knocking going on internally. It compresses well, but then rebounds undamped a bit before the rebound damping suddenly kicks in with a knock. Anybody know where I can order new seals and bladder for this thing? What weight of oil to use and nitrogen pressure? This'll be my first shock rebuild on a bladder shock, so a little bit of learning involved here.
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