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Hello River Pilot Tours,

Originally Posted by River Pilot View Post
@ jondirt - Thanks for the platform and allowing a discussion outside of scope.
My point was actually to address jondirt's comment about applications such as "Fuel". And, to my point, Garmin does not provide API's on any of their PND's to access that type of functionality.

I support your and other's efforts to expand the GPS Travel market. As for the Device SDK and the Garmin Content Toolkit, I have used both of those "kits" and found them to be of little long-term value - that was four years ago and I don't think anything has changed. Yes, the GCT could be defined as creating content applications. The main concern I had was that even though the GPI file is "locked" the reality is that there isn't any way to provide DRM in the GPS Travel [data] world. Once the GPI data has been used the intent of the application has been "released" to the user and the very platform it runs on by way of the GPS Track Log. That Track Log is the property of the User and the GPI application can not disable it - nor should it. So, what does that all mean? It means that we in the Travel business who provide GPS data to our customers must rely upon the moral ethics of the purchaser to control our IP. Since you work with Sam and the TAT data I expect that you have reviewed the years of discussion on this topic on and we certainly don't need to start a new thread on the topic here. Glad to see that you are taking advantage of Sam's personal IP in your Tour products. I believe that our knowledge as "guides" is the real IP value in the touring business.

Then of course there's the not-so-little issue of which Garmin GPS products actually support Tour Guides. This point is the second reason I passed on the GCT for our tour data. We have little to no input in Garmin's product functionality. My experience has been that Garmin's Marketing group has repeatedly shown little awareness or support for third-party content like our's by continuing to release PND's that don't support the content but yet are targeted at our customers - the zumo 350LM is a good case in point.

Yes there is MPC - but my view is that Open Source data and compilers will continue to take market share from the third-party [MPC] map makers. Allowing the reverse-engineering of Garmin Map data/compilers is one of the main reasons Garmin has been so successful in my opinion - so I don't think Garmin will do anything to disrupt that trend in any major way.

Happy to discuss the GCT more with you off-line if you'd like - I had originally hoped it would produce content across all of Garmin's Adventure Touring and Dual Sport worthy GPS line - alas, not to be.

Got to run. Tour perp'ing for the 29 Dec start of our Alaska to Tierra del Fuego Adventure (Stage 2 & 3).

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