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Well, that was an experience...

I don't want to alarm anyone but I was in an accident yesterday!

I was passing a semi on the 247, maybe 30 miles west of 29 Palms, and went into a tank slapper going about 80 (I try to pass other vehicles quickly to reduce time in the oncoming lane). I must have hit a bump or something, cos the front end started to wobble. It's done this before but it always stops soon after. By the time I figured out that it was getting worse, it was too late. The bike threw me off and screeched off onto the opposite shoulder, leaving a long black skidmark. I slid and tumbled and tried to stay relaxed, which I think helped. I've never fallen off of anything going that fast before. It was a unique experience I am not eager to repeat.

I got up and nothing seemed immediately broken so I walked over to the bike. Everybody on the highway stopped and wanted to make sure I was ok. One of the passersby lived a block away and offered me a chance to relax and regroup which I took advantage of and spent the night.

Injuries: right knee was super swollen, today it has nasty bruises. Right wrist is badly sprained or overextended, I'll keep an eye on it and if it's still bad in a week, I'll go see a doctor. Road rash on my left forearm. No apparent injuries elsewhere, neck is a bit sore today, but that's it.

Bike has some rash on the right fender, hand guard, and bottom of the fork tube. The mermite can took the brunt of the impact and split open like a can of sardines on the bottom of one side, we pounded this back into shape and taped it up. Handlebars were tweaked but easily straightened. Amazingly, there was no mechanical damage to the bike.

My riding pants are completely destroyed, the seat is mere melted ribbons and both knees are blown out. I have absolutely no doubts that wearing them saved me breaking both knees, major disfigurement of the skin on my ass and legs, and helped me slide more than tumble. My jeans, under the pants, have a few small scratches. This engineering is amazing.

All in all, for wrecking at 80, I got away very easily. It could have been much worse.

I am beelining for my parents' place in Phoenix. I'll check out joshua tree sometime that I can really stop and enjoy it instead of worrying about hurrying. I can't pull the tarp straps over my camping gear without both hands.

Updates will be delayed. I will have access to a desktop there so if my wrist lets me type it should go a bit quicker. At least I have been keeping pretty good notes...

I am going to strive to avoid too much excitement until my wrist recovers. I still can't believe I walked away from that. Hahaha.
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