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Originally Posted by kimangao View Post
Hi mate, great to see you here! My memories are also very vivid. From the first moment (is that a local rider?) till the veranda breakfast (what's that sausage?)
Where are you now? Still RTW? Still on the little Yam?
Read you soon.


Ha ha! I don't remember the sausage thing...not getting kinky I hope! I remember more meeting in the street, I was talking to the locals and looking at this bike that Yes, does have boxes, must not be a local...OH, he's turning round....OH he speaks English! And then talking for ages saying every ten minutes "We should really get coffee or something," until it was sunset on the hill and coffee time was long gone!

Yeah, I'm still going, but sadly the Yamaha died in Guatemala, so now I'm on an - equally little - Honda XR. In Bolivia now!

Making this, what? fours years ago now!

Did I read that you are in Namibia....? What's happening now with you then? Another ride, Africa...I'm sure we talked about that plan!

All the best! Good to hear from you!
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