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Originally Posted by tunp View Post
so wieght savings was part of my goal when i did this and yes it easy drops 10-15 lbs between the two cans. My other goal was to go to a 2 into 1 setup and use the other can as a storage box which now holds my elec pump, a front and rear tube, first aid, spare plug, zip tyes and jb weld.
So was it some work, yes, does my bike look stock w/ addtioanl storage and more rumble, yes. are the cans much cooler, yes. Did it affect performance and or mileage, no.
I looked at it this way if it all worked it cost me a few bucks for material and some time which i was willing to put into it. If it did'nt work, well then i buy after market cans which i was going to do. And now i dont have to.
My thinking exactly. If i can spend some of my time to save some money Im all for it.

The used cans was actually my next route if this doesnt work. I have access to a welder and a bunch of other fun tools at my work.

Also the search button sucks. Every time I try and use it it shows me a bunch of totally irrelevant stuff if anything at all. I did try manually looking through the OC posts though and didnt see anything. I have also checked out the HOW and saw whats all inside the stock cans.

Thanks for the input everyone. Ill post whatever I end up doing. Working on cutting my stock windshield down a bit today.
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