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I am Now Home and Safe

I am now home & safe. I was never in any danger, the only mishap is that I lost my Spot tracker. I keep it in the map pocket of my tank bag, that has a Velcro closure. I have used this setup on thousand mile rides with no problems, but will now add a safety pin as a backup. Evidently the the old Spanish speaking couple that found it did not know what they had and started pressing buttons. They pressed the 911 button which started a rescue scenario. This of course alerted the Spot team who alerted my wife within seconds, the American Consulate ( which got in touch with me ) and the local authorities in San Quintin. I take this very seriously as I do a few solo rides every year.

Many thanks to all that offered assistance and PMed, as my wife was in a true panic. Also thanks to Nancy at the Old Mill for use of her phone and relaying messages. I have learned an important lesson through this mishap and that is don't lose your Spot Tracker DUMMY and if you do, call the Spot Team, cancel your service and also contact whoever your Spot messages are sent to.

And a special thanks to my wonderful wife , for looking out for my safety, as she knew I was in Baja but not where in Baja. Again thanks to everyone on ADV that offered to help, what a great community this is. Dan Baja Ho
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