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Originally Posted by redprimo View Post
This is so true. On the xl500 basket case that I picked up and transported for a buddy it came to me sans the seat, cam, and cam chain. I still have his front and rear fender but I reaized that as I was unloading everything from my truck into his garage. Then yeasterday I found a rear brake backing plate that is not from any of my bikes.

Good luck on the house thing.
Thanks on the house! It is another saga of epicly boring proportions that is dragging on and on...

Here's a quick story of my worst basket case move and reassemble. My dad (lives in Fairbanks Alaska) drove to Minnesota in his 2000 Toyota RAV-4. On the way back (very cold, -35 - -45 F) the rear seal blew, dumped his oil, and ruined the engine. A Canadian Toyota dealership took it apart. They then quoted him some outrageous price to rebuild. So, he bundled all the parts, bolted the subframe back under it, threw the engine/tranny in the back and towed it back to Fairbanks. That was in January of 2008. He proceeded to buy one of those low mile Japanese recycle engines. THEN in May he offered to buy me a plane ticket to fly up and reassemble. I did, but what a job! Toyota parts all over the place, 2 engines with different external components, buckets of bolts, a half-reassembled sub frame. Oh, then to top it off, They had a minor flood that year so the water had gotten in to the Toyota exhaust system and the rear wheel bearings. Got it done though, and the car is still running fine! Oh yeah, I love a good challenge! (or a bad one)
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