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Exc 500

This is probably the wrong section to ask this question, but being its KTM related, I thought I would try.
Looking real hard at buying a EXC 500 real soon. Sold my DRZ 400 because it was heavy and didnt handle, although it was a very realible bike, I just have a different idea on what a real dualsport bike should be.
This being said, I read all these articles, ride tests, opinions from all these magazines and everyone raves about this thing. Here's my concerns:
Since the weight is in the ballpark for serious off road, has great suspension and will handle, how realible do you think this thing is. They dropped some of the weight from the engine and that tells me it might be a little fragile. Everyone says they change the oil all the time, why? Really, why? I didn't change my DRZ 's oil all the time and everytime I rode it like you guys that own these things, but that is what I read about this EXC.
I would like to hear from some of you guys on this, and if you own one of these things, whats with the oil changes all the time. I know the manual calls for some crazy short intervel . I plan to ride this thing aggresively, possibily do the T.A.T. on it and the continental divide also. Thats a lot of miles on a light weight engine.I do believe in service and oil changes and understand its a performane machine. The manual also talks about replacing the piston/rings after so many hours, really? I had a 2000 DRZ with almost 20k miles on it and it didn't need that done.

I don't get this. I'm scarred to buy a used one because of all this, but buying a new one will be good for a little while then I'll start being concerned about long extended trips and the engine coming apart.
Anybody got some real advice/experience on the 500. Anybody got a lot of miles on one to be able to speak from experience?

Thanks for everyones help, I might have to go buy another DRZ 400.
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