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Mike, all your advices help me thinking well about all this winter alaska idea of mine but I also need to put into consideration that people went there on a bike in february and march, like Rolland and few others.
I won't push myself too far is it's not possible but I will give it a try.
That is why I would like to ask if you, from WHITEHORSE to TOK which route would you suggest to find the better condition in march april? The one that goes across Dawson City ot the one across Beaver Creek?
Thanks a lot
well the one over the top (Dawson City ) is closed that time of year so you have to come Beaver creek way its the only way in to Alaska and April would be alot nicer weather wise you see the upper Tanana valley that is the valley you run through coming into Alaska has some of the coldest recorded temps on the continent if I remember right snag creek just out side of Beaver creek is the record holder. Places like Fairbanks are warm compared to what you have to go through before you get there.
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