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Nice area to ride!! Big thumbs on Flatland. I agree with Bill that an onboard Voltmeter is the way to go. Here's a nice one from an inmate. I have a Stock Rotor if you would like to swap it in and test. Like SOLO mentioned, it was hard to diagnose.

Originally Posted by Sutherngintelmen View Post
I found it! Well, a friend of mine found it. Or at least the problem is on here somewhere.

I kinda of feel like it may have been the riding I was doing except when I think about it. Most of day was 2nd/3rd gear gravel, 1st gear for some sections (not a whole lot of time - for those in this neck of the woods: climb from Old Bucktown to Camp Amicalola, last pitch of Hawk Mt and Flatland Rd.) Maybe 30 mins all in with Flatland being the bulk and at the end.

I started the day with slab then 2 lane, had a couple of short transits then rode 60 from Cooper's Creek then 9 south to Awesomeville - this is 45 mins revved up curvaceous delight. I run the PIAA on tarmac only - except when I forget - fairly often. Revs would have been above 3k almost all day which shows charge of 14v when it's in the shed.

Shouldn't have been enough lug drain to strand me.

Battery is holding charge at 13.05 volts after I gave it second bump of 6 amps. I'm planning on some time Thursday eve to id bad connections. Wish I could rig multi meter to batt for Sat ride - might give it a shot.

Where's Waldo!!

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