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Originally Posted by r'elise me View Post
I'm still trying to figure out how to get this pig to turn on downhill reverse camber roads - not quite confident enough to back in but I might be able to brag about not being totally lame. So maybe I could join you on a ride that's fun for both of us. And, hey, if you turn out to be the kind of guy that wouldn't destroy my race car, I'd be happy to let you lap it at Willow Springs on a testntune day. I'm warning you though - its VERY addictive. I've got a hall pass for Sunday!
I hear 690s have shite turning radius, so you're probly not doing anything wrong

Already riding saturday. Can't get out sunday as well, but i'm sure to be doing local rides with my dad soon. TG weekend likely.

Never taken a car to the track before (other than a parking lot auto-cross). Appreciate the offer, but i'd be happy just to oggle. Slowly getting my teener back to road worthy and I need motivation to keep moving forward

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