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Originally Posted by mookymoo View Post
Is it possible it's just a matter of wind resistance? The 950A is a bit of a barn aerodynamically.

IIRC the highest speed I've heard of for the Adv was 130mph-ish - which is only a touch above 200kmh. (and that was no wind, on a salt flat, no screen and no seat so the rider could get lower...)

Wind resistance is a function of the square of velocity (if my memory of physics serves me...)
My old 950 with OEM carbs easily broke 200. 218 was where it stopped on the flat, no wind.

On a deserted Karoo desert road I had "slowed a bit" to take this in 2007 on;

I often wonder where that road goes? And that, has usually made all the difference. Appologies to Mr Frost
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