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Originally Posted by WARRIORPRINCEJJ View Post
The cats, not the baffling, is what makes 'em run hot....
Sorry WP Not True ;-) Remove the cats as I did in 2005 and nothing changes heat wise.

1/ The exhaust run through the middle of the bike makes the middle of the bike bloody hot

2/ The standard muffler has 1mm of insulation under the outer skin to protect it from internal heat. This does 5/fifths of fuck all to help cool the outer skin down.

3/ An aftermarket muffler is a perforated tube with 2 1/2 inches of insulation wrapped around it under the outer skin. with the exception of a little conduction of heat at either end where inner joins outer the outer it is well insulated.

4/ The whole standard muffler is designed to function as a cat.

There is only one way to get rid of the heat, get rid of the exhaust.

You can build your own like I did or the GPR is a very attractive proposition.

If you do not like the heat............

You need to move the exhaust system out into the flowing air along with your voltage RR
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