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Like SOLO said, he had a difficult time diagnosing the rotor issue since it only happened once heated up. Usually you can test the rotor across the slip rings, but you can also get a rotor that only throw the OL code when hot. Most people aren't going to test their rotor when the engine is hot after a ride. Do you have a charging bible? You should get one, or borrow and copy mine... Rick's gonna kill me. Check your brushes, shouldn't be shorter than 7mm I think, then slip a piece of paper under them to get them off the rotor slip rings. Then test the slip rings, if you have a stock system (which sound like you do) should read around 3 ohms. I can't remember what year your bike is, it matters as to what the rotor will read. Googlefu that crap.

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Thanks, Jenna That's really nice and I might take you up on it

How do you diagnose this as an issue? Was it trial and error? Replace parts until the problem goes away or can I make a definitive determination somehow?

Some good reading on bmwmotorcycletech Probably written by one of you guys.

Am going to order up that voltmeter - very good sense.

And to Flatland - love that stretch. So much fun. Was interesting Saturday as blanket of fresh leaves made for moments of wonder.
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