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I am thoroughly enjoying this thread. I stumbled on it, and was hooked with the sight of El Capitan in the Guadelupes. I grew up in El Paso, went to Tech in Lubbock, and have seen the Cap under almost every condition possible--sunrise, sunsets, full moons, nothing but stars, storms, and I never get tired of it. I also went to grad school in SA, so am familiar with your local terrain. In fact, I have family there and in Corpus, whom we visit a couple of times a year. I don't know if you were familiar with Hipp's Bubble Room, but it was a favorite hangout to maw on Shypoke Eggs, and quaff Gimmiedraws. Alas it closed sometime in the 90's. And, good tips on BBQ and TexMex. I've enjoyed both your physical and metaphysical journey, and am relishing the musical education as well. Best of luck, and I'll continue riding along.
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