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Red Bull under suspicion : "rubber nose" is causing a stir

TV footage of Sebastian Vettel's first pit stop in Abu Dhabi ensured after the race fans for excitement. The nose of the Red Bulls seem to twist the front wing change peculiar. Is there something illegal? We clarify.

The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi made by fans for three days after crossing the finish line yet to talk about. The jubilation over Kimi Raikkonen's first victory had faded long ago, Sebastian Vettel's sensational comeback story of one yesterday. Instead discussed suddenly hot on the first pit stop of the Heppe heimer.

Red Bull-nose bends strange

What had happened? For several days, TV recordings of the tire and nose change haunt during the safety car period, the fan forums (here as >> animated picture ). On Facebook and Twitter, the video spread quickly in F1 community. What's to see it works, amazing at first glance: When the Red Bull mechanics replace the damaged front wing of the car Vettel, suddenly turned his nose.
When trying to remove the old wing holds a mechanic the front with the right hand to the onboard camera that bends it up as if it were made of rubber. Even when grip under the nose seems the material to yield. Of course, Red Bull immediately fell under suspicion. Is the front as flexible? When it turns to while driving? That would be under these rules is not allowed.
Technology experts give the all clear We have the pictures shown our technology experts and analyzed the scene exactly. The consensus: false alarm. The noses of the Formula 1 cars are on the front 150 millimeters always built a little softer to the maximum amount of delay of 10 g at the FIA ​​crash tests to not exceed.
Only fold behind the nose along with more resistance. A slightly softer front part of the nose is thus quite reasonable. Where the nose is pointed and yet the energy spread over a few square centimeters, it must be flexible in order to avoid collision with an obstacle serious damage.
Collision damaged Red Bull-nose

To comply with the strict security guidelines, the front tips of the Formula 1 cars are crafted from only a maximum of three layers of carbon fabric. The fact that the nose in the video bends so strange, for a simple reason. With Vettel's collision with the DRS-shield made of polystyrene, the front was apparently already damaged so that the tip of the simple lifting left bend very easily.
Even with the Red Bull rival the video from Abu Dhabi has already arrived. The engineers have the pictures now also analyzed. At least one team should have also demanded the FIA, is whether there everything is above board.
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