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Rule number 1 ... avoid riding at night.

This is a photo of my headlight... it happened the very first night we arrived when i hit a ditch riding in the dark up a dusty dirt road.

We ended up crossing the border a bit late after it took a few hours trying to find out information to where i could get an exit stamp for the USA - (you can't)
We spotted a coupla other riders with bikes at a taco stand as we stopped in Ensenada 2hrs south of the border.
They had ridden from Alaska and were also running late after being sent on a wild goose chase to find the immigration office in TJ.
Our original plan was to stay in Ensenada for a night and head for the coastal beaches further south the following day,
they were going to the same place and seem to know where they were going how to get there, so we ended up following them..

Me and and my buddy Daniel had no idea how far it was we just followed and i think we all over estimated how long it would take to get there, and what time the sun would stop shining so we ended up riding in the dark through the windy valley from the hwy down to the dirt roads of the small fishing village of Erendira.

As we started to climb the steep hill in the black of the night i recall seeing the imperfection in the road in my headlights but it was already too late to slow down or try to avoid it.
The front tyre hit and swerved to the left and right before coming down hard with my knee and right shoulder impacting first, i saw the dust in the headlights and felt the side of my head slap into the rocky dirt track as the engine cut out and i lay for a moment in the still of the night..

I remember thinking , woahh .... thats how it feels, my first 'proper' fall at last...
I lift myself up from under the bike and brush off the dust.
It was like in the movies where your favourite super hero will get up out of the rubble after crashing through a brick walll ...
I felt fine. It was kinda cool.

Welcome to Mexico.

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