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I'll just post the directions here now that I figured it out.

-From 101 in Gilroy, get off at the Leavsley Road exit. Go east (left from north, right from south) on Leavsley.
-Travel approx. 1 mile (you will go over a small creek/bridge) and turn left on New Ave.
-Travel about ½ mile until you get to Roop Rd. (there will be signs directing you to Coyote Lake county Park), turn right.
-Follow Roop road for approximately 2 miles, it will now start to climb up into the mountains, stay on it.
-You will come to a sharp left hairpin corner follow it around.(do not take the road to the right Leavsley again, don’t ask)
-Continue climbing up the hill until the road flattens out, continue on.
-You will come to an intersection that leads down to the lake. DO NOT TURN HERE, GO STRAIGHT.
-You will cross over a cattle guard and then start going down hill, continue on for another 2-2.5 miles.
-The road will open up into a valley, you will see a new gravel road on your right and a big new house with a black chain link fence. Turn on this road. (If you happen to pass it you will come to a road, Canada Rd and a fire station on the right, turn around and go back ½ mile) Go to the end of the gravel Road (about ¼ mile) turn up the dirt road to the right, you will see an open aluminum gate and some old sheds, that is our place. Our address is 5643 Gilroy Hot Springs Road. Follow the squiggly line.

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