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Sigutech Master Bleed Issues

Hey guys.

Thought I would chime in here and see what I could do to help with this situation. Pulling it off and getting it to burp is a good idea. In the past you would be surprised at the crazy things we had to do in order ot get brakes bled. Sometimes there is a bubble of air that is stuck for some reason when bleeding new systems that takes exactly that. Pulling it off and putting the unit in a different configuration then what it is normally supposed to be in for that bubble to get past the blockage. We've used every word in the book trying to figure things like that out. We haven't had any issues with the Sigutech but definitely not going to be the one who says that hasn't happened to other customers who didn't let us know about the situation. Please keep me in the loop and let me know how it goes. With regards to the ball bearing that will need to be in place for the clutch to work correctly and Sigutech does require you to re-install your stock unit in their clutch slaves. I hope that helps.

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That's probably it. Never thought of pulling the thing off and bleeding it that way. Wasted enough time on it this weekend, I'll give a shot again later in the week.

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