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I ran last year on a stock tank (KTM 530). I packed a FEW liters of fuel in the backpack each day. Ayyiii Ayyiii Ayyiiii. Dumped them in as strategically needed.

We contracted and relied on Mag 7 for fuel- this proved to not work out. I'm going to say that the fuel stops were not where they were supposed to be that day..... stuff happens, I know. Whole other story. I made it home, that's what counts.

I ran out of fuel twice- Once it was at the top of a hill with a small pueblo at the bottom. I mooched a gal of rot gut fuel and made it to the end of the section. Second time was in the middle of nowhere and there were some dudes camped out with a 40 gal tank pretty much where I stalled. Someone was looking out for us.
Ridiculous! We paid Mag 7 to support our bike too (2 years ago).
D1 pit one - They were in the correct location, they just "forgot" to bring me my fuel. I was pretty pissed, and told them to pull the fuel out of their truck... or i will. They busted out their video camera and started asking me questions and filming me - idiots.
D1 pit two - forgot to bring it there too. I was pissed here too but didn't say anything, and just left.
D1 pit 3 - Didn't have my fuel (surprise!), but dumped race gas into my pump gas bike.... i had a half tank, so the 110 didn't do any noticeable harm. We changed our race-plan the best we could because Mag7 couldn't be counted on anymore.
D2 pit one - did not have my fuel once again (not surprised anymore), They dumped race gas in my pump gas bike once again - this time the fuel tank was almost empty, so the 110 melted my motor just outside of El Arco. end of race.

Never again. I invested quite a bit of money, you would think they would take my race effort a little more serious.
Mag 7 = bunch of yahoo's.
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