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If you've ever been told that your riding scares people, get the 990. If you have trouble finding people to ride with because they think you're nuts, get the 990.

I've owned 4 BMW's over the years. Worked as a motorcycle instructor at the BMW PC for 2 years and got to ride everything they had. I think BMW makes great bikes. Very well made, very dependable.

The 990 isn't nearly as nice in fit and finish. The damn glove compartment lid comes off my bike a lot when I ride. When I was re-attaching the left gas tank (after changing the oil), I had to get a 2x4 to help me line up the bolt holes.

This, however, can be an advantage. When I get stuck in the woods, I have no trouble kicking the bike over so I can drag it out. I never could get comfortable doing this with my Adventure. I RIDE the 990 .... and ride it hard. You have to... it doesn't like anything under 5 grand.

I bought a 990 in June. I've ridden it to the northeast (from NC), I've ridden it in the woods, in the snow.... everywhere. I love this bike!

The truth'll have fun on whatever you choose. But pick the bike that speaks to you.
(Of course, if you hear voices in your head, you should probably buy the 990)

Have fun! Ride hard! Be safe!

(The whole time I was writing this reply, Buckcherry's 'Crazy Bitch' was playing in my head. I think they were probably thinking of a 990 when they wrote the song.)
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