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Hi guys. Thanks for the comments. So where was I?

Oh yes, I was trying to find a way to travel further East from India. Apart from what I learnt traveling in Iran, there were many more incidents, encounters and experiences that made me think in a whole new way. Especially travelling in Pakistan taught me a lot. But this is another thrill of a story. So having all the time in the world I contemplated about what I could do while in India until a solution to my dead-end-route problem would present itself.

It was August and really, really hot. It was the time, just before the rain season kicked in. The air in New Delhi was so sticky and heavy it felt like an element that one had to fight through, simply in order to walk a straight line. It was so hot, that I preferred to ride with my helmet-visor closed. Riding at moderate speed, the airflow would not present a relief. Just the opposite, the airflow in my face felt like a hair-dryer at setting 3. If only the rain came. It's not a lot better with the rain, it's even more humid and sticky, but it does cool down a tiny bit. And over 45ºC / 113ºF, every degree counts. Apart from the climate there were other factors, such as the masses of people, the noise, the smell and the filth that made me wanna retreat from the city to a more idyllic place.

I seemed to be right in time to make use of the 4 months time window in which you can ride up to Northern India, Ladakh. Into the himalayas! I was very excited. The other 8 months of the year, the weather is way too unpredictable. I heard of an incident where 600 road construction workers got snowed in, in between two mountain passes and died. Apparently rescue helicopters can't fly at this altitude. So there was a risk to going up there… not only altitude sickness. I heard there are land slides all year round. Anyways I am very glad I went, because it was not only a highlight to go over the worlds highest motor-able mountain pass, but I also found a solution to my dead-end-route problem up there. Yesss, I found a solution to my very mundane, worldly problem amidst the Tibetan monks and Lamas. More later, gotta run now. Ok, this much, the solution came in the form of a big bright-red truck ;)

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