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No rust in AZ.
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Update here,

Alex has left the building,headed to Yuma (yuck) to meet the Ironman who is gonna try to make 1100 miles alone (wow not this guy) and then on to Baja Mexico (alert Baja,close the border) to chase truck (I wish I could join).
Alex has been a pleasure to have as a guest (once awake) and we mean that sincerely! (Nora misses you already)
We got a whole lot done (he did) and had alot of fun (poet). Dafoole, you are the man,Patty, you are the woman. Janis, I'm still not sure what you are anymore? Janis gained some weight though,10 lbs weld,5 lbs gussets,and hopefully 5 lbs on Alex from 4 a day feedings? Sorry no pictures but Alex never did tutor me thru the picture thing.
Good luck TFN on the Baja experience and we will see you soon.
And good luck Mr. Ironman too, you picked a good person to help ya!
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