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#@%! Snow!

My day started off so nice. Got into work early (I run the coffee bar at the Whole Foods on E57th St.), packed out a bunch of stuff, placed some orders. One of my all-stars was working with me, so I figured I could get away and do some more packing out and office-y stuff. Nope. At 9:30 she left due to stomach issues. And because of tight labor budget and scheduling, I was alone until 4pm. A nice 10-hour day.

Meanwhile, I see the snow outside the window, but everyone assures me it's not sticking. Since the store was dead (everyone hiding at home) I decided to do some shopping. Got to the bike, loaded it up, suited up, then headed for the QBB.

OK, visibility was nil and people were still driving like assholes. Got over the bridge fine. Northern Blvd moving slow, but that's fine since snow was sticking and I still couldn't see. And some guy in an 18-wheeler next to me wondered why I didn't just weave in and out of traffic. I tried to explain traction of a two-wheeler vs. 18-wheeler, but I don't think he got it.

Hung a left onto 45th St, er, almost. Someone was turning right onto it but aborted midway through. No prob. Traffic moving slow up 45th. Rear wheel of the GS swung out left a few times, but I kept it up. Headed up a slight hill to a stop sign where intersecting traffic on left does not stop. I was gonna just ride through but saw headlights. Eased on front brake -woopsie-daisy! down I went onto the starboard side. Was able to hurk it up onto the side stand, but it was sorta leaning against an SUV. Tried to stand it up to see if I could straddle it to ride it. Boots had no traction and the camber worked against me cuz it went down onto the port side. A good samaritan helped me get it back up.

After breathing for a bit, I took out two bags of groceries and humped it the two blocks home.

Yes, I dumped it two blocks from home.

I put on my new Red Wing boots, with traction!, and walked back to the bike. A car had left the parking spot just in front of the bike so I started to maneuver it into that spot, instead of being half in the road. I got it against the curb and noticed it was fairly upright. I swung a leg over and could stand it up. So, I fired it up, put on the hazards and duck-walked it the two blocks home.

Damage? The left Jesse bag is pushed in even farther so it barely opens & closes. I'll find out more tomorrow. Me? A sore back.

Message to Mother Nature left on my topcase:

Duck-walking tracks:

(Also, very similar to the tracks I leave when walking on a nude beach)
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