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Originally Posted by Moto Vader View Post
What is your reasoning?
I have an 08 GSA. It seems pretty debugged although my FD wore out after a trip from ATL to Prudhoe BAY AK and back at 32,000 miles. It had some minor recalls, key ring, brake line positioning and one fuel strip.

My buddy has a 2007 GSA. His is pretty solid but the 2008 has some better cosmetic items like led rear brake light and bigger beak.

Before I bought my 08 I had an 1150GSA and remember reading issues with the 05s and 06s plus I thought I read they don't make a Final Drive for the older bikes anymore?? I'm not sure if that is correct.

But if a person can get an 05 at a good price and all the issues are corrected why not go for it. Buying from a dealer doesn't guarantee anything. Every time I have returned to my salesman with a issue on a new vehicle (not m/c) I was told this is sales, service is in the back have a nice day....the reverse was true too. Sales promised me a part at cost. I went to parts and they wanted full price. We are parts not sales.

07 and 08s have prettier anodizing on the fork legs too.
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