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Originally Posted by lacrestadr
Relay in and hand warmers work, no fires and no cussing Went with the relay and the brown wire coming out of the horn for the switched wire. One grip is quite a bit warmer than the other, don't have a clue about that Drilled a whole under the speedo and installed the high/low, on/off switch. Anybody know what the two open white plugs up under the speedo are for??? I'm doing the valves next, yep that's what I'm doing
good to hear mate... doing things right takes a little longer, but is best in the end. and now you have a load of power up front for other stuff!

your left grip is colder (you didn't say left but i think i know) because you didn't insulate the heater from the bars. there is a plastic throttle tube on the right to insulate... and the left you should tape with insulating tape like so:

if you have the grips on already no panic. once warm'd up they will even out. if the grips are not on i would take the left off again and tape it up with electricians insulating tape (a few good layers like 2mm of electrical tape will be ok if you don't have insulating tape). then if the glue is not sticky just tape them tight with electrical tape and a little contact cement.

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