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Originally Posted by salsvstrom View Post
I found the last room in Austin. It was a neat little place .
Yep. Funny story about that International Cafe where we stopped for pizza - there was a sign on the side that read "Serbian Christmas":

Since Neda is Croatian, we just had to investigate. Turns out the bar that's attached to the cafe is owned by a Serb and he hosts a Christmas party every year...

Originally Posted by WNDRLST View Post
It's funny that the Loneliest Road in America has gas stations and services every 50 miles or so, I should have taken a picture of the sign near the 93/375 intersection that read, "140 miles to the next gas" (that sign was 40 miles from the last gas stop, to boot).
Haha, we passed that sign and had to double back because we were both down to a quarter tank and weren't going to make it! What a stupid place to put it!

Originally Posted by nukemm View Post
Thanks for the insight on the Alaska portion of the trip. Looks like San Diego to Fairbanks will be on one set of tires, with fresh ones ready to go for Fairbanks and beyond.
Have fun! And if you're doing the Dalton in Aug/Sept, don't run Tourances in the mud!
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