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Lost but laughing.
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This is from Rob today after his operation.

"Home now. Reality was even worse again. More broken bits and about 90% of
the soft tissue was torn from the bones as well. I saw the "after" xrays
this morning. There is a LOT of snazzy looking hardware in there. I took
them 5 hrs to do the op.
Spent the night in ICU as I apparently had bruised lungs too and my blood
ox levels were a bit low. It was a pretty rough night but I eventually
woke up good this morning.
They sent me up to the ward around 9. Spent the day recovering there any
getting a bit more rest.
I currently don't have a lot of feeling in my hand due to the swelling etc
but that should be good in a day or so.

In the cast for about 2 weeks then a brace for about another 4-6 weeks. A
lot of physio to come. Doc says I should get approx 80-90% full range of
movement back. 100% sounds better to me."

Will talk to you tomorrow.
"I reckon it would be good getting a heap of XR's in the one spot and watching a heap of blokes kicking fuck out of there bikes and swearing."

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