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Originally Posted by D-Stylz View Post
I know I'm late to the party with this RR, but I just caught up in one sitting!

This is one of the most engaging and well written RRs ever! I look forward to the rest.
Thanks, D-Stylz!
I'm glad you're enjoying it!
We had fun in your backyard.

Originally Posted by dvwalker View Post
keep it up, enjoying your report...

heard rumors that bearcat lodge in Seneca is now shutdown, confirm?

road thru the trillion white butterfly mob last year as well, same area. Freak of nature...made it safely thru by the skin of my teeth
Hey dvwalker -
thanks for the butterfly photos (that bottom one is pretty!).
Were you there in August?
That seems to be the month to see them.
Yep, Bearcat was closed (pics coming up).

Haha, thanks sion!

Day 51: 8/11/12 continued
Cranes Crossing to Christmas Valley, OR 263 miles

At first it looked like this rut was full of rocks...

But it was full of water and dead butterflies.

I tried to take more pics of live butterflies, but it was kind of bright.
As in dvwalker's pic, the white specks are butterflies.
You can make out some around the left side of the pic (along the edge of the road),
and around the top of the frame.

More specks.
Had I known this was so rare, I would have tried harder to take photos of the butterfly "snowstorm."
These are not very impressive...

Here we are - Seneca.

Here’s the front of the Bearcat Lodge - says “closed for the season.”

But the sign out front says something different.
For sale.

No more bobcats.

The woman at the gas station said the Bearcat has been closed since last fall.
I was looking at Trip Advisor and was surprised to see a recent review...but it was from someone who stayed there in 2011.

Got fuel.

Ooh, creepy!

Loaded up on sugar.

Somewhere between 500-600 miles.

I wasn’t happy about this crack. Hope that doesn't become a problem in Xmas Valley!

Then it was back on the trail...
I missed a photo of the sign,
but the shooting range here was in use so we had to detour around it...
safety first!

Lots of nice roads today.

Sometimes the trail got faint, but it was still enjoyable.

Sometimes got rutty.

The road was kind of blocked here.
Not a great pic.
There was an opening on the left (behind the mirror), but not quite enough for our wide load.

This one little pokey piece was getting caught on our side bag.
Might as well break out the saw...

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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