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Have battery will travel.
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Shiming a R100/7 rear wheel bearing where the bearing race had spun in the Snowflake wheel, wearing a grove where the bearing race seated.
Cut a strip of from beer can, wrapped it around the bearing, a coating of JB Weld. Let the glue set up over night. Repacked the bearing with fresh grease, added a shim to the bearing pack made out of the rest of the beer can.
Rode the bike home from New Mexico to Minnesota with no problem. Stop every 5-10 miles for the first hundred miles and felt the rear hub, it was staying cool, after that I checked it for play every time I stop for gas, the bearing stayed just tight enought to where the bike handle well and the bearing stayed cool.
I think I could have continued to ride the bike with the beer can shimmed rear bearing, but replaced the Snowflake with a newer model with the cast in steel insert, just to be safe.
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