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Originally Posted by Baja Dad View Post
I could put somthing together , There would have to be a small fee to cover the fuel cost and to take of the support crew.
The rider could SKIP paying for Mag 7 save that fee and put to the ADV Support Truck and crew!!!

here is somthing I have been working on:
This is a ROUGH draft and no cost has been determined yet

It is all in the planning stage. Price would depend on the event and what bike you would want to ride
I hope to do this and be able to support 4-5 bikes ( that means 4-15 riders)
Ironman,Two rider team.Three rider team.

I am thinking of setting up a Main support truck with two crew members to work on the bikes at the
end of each stage so the Rider can relax and have fun.
maybe also a few chase support trucks for Transfer stages
The Support Truck will also have Water & Power aid and some light food snacks on it for the riders

The level of support would start off with:
Stage 1.You ship out Your Race ready Bike .( you only have to pay for Support help
includes Team T-shirt and Race Jersey ( you could also get new Race pants and Rally Jacket for an extra fee)
Stage 2.
includes Team T-shirt and Race Jersey ( you could also get new Race pants and Rally Jacket for an extra fee)
Stage 2.
Fully raced Preped bike.
example: KTM 450,525,640 or Honda 450x 650r ( this could change)
GPR Steering Stabilizer
Supersprox Sprockets
DID O-ring Chain
BRP Chain Block
Full race skid plate
Pro Taper bars with AME Grips
Acerbis Rally Guards
F2R Road Book with thumb switch
Acerbis or IMS LARGE fuel tank depends on the bike
Seat Concepts Rally seat
Twin Air race filters
Fuel for the race bike during the Event ( Depends on the event. someStops at the local Pemix maybe needed)( AS Mad Mike Gaynor did this past race.)
New Tires with HD Tubes ( the brand is still up in the air)
( you could use Bib Moses on the race bike for an extra fee)
The rider can request Items that can be added (extra fee)

The support Truck will have some spare parts and spare Tires ( you would only pay extra for what you used)
The crew members would do all mantaince on the bike each night and change tires if needed
(Sat phones could be also handed out for each bike for an extra fee)

This is somthing I have been wanting to do again since back in the early 90's when i ran my own company called
Baja race Prep. I use to prep Bikes for a lot of riders that came from all over the world to Race the BAJA 1000

Please give me some feed back
Thanks Mark
After the stellar reveiws for Mag7 pits, and you being family and all, do you have an idea if you are going to persue this endevour?
I would be in for a Stage 1 and I'm pretty sure my buddy is coming with me to do the event as well.
So you have @ least 2 solid members for your team, if you want to call it that.This will save my wife from the hassle of doing pits for me, as I really dont want her traveling alone in unfamiler territiory. I would rather get support from a veteran Baja participant, and just fly her into Cabo to relax for a few days at the event end.
Thanks for any info.
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