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I'm planning to switch from BMW to the Orange side and I have a local KTM ONLY dealer (who seems like they have all the parts, accessories, etc) has several 2012 990's for $14999 out the door. They seem to know the 990 really well and other dealers don't seem to know as much. The other dealers within 30-60 miles have the same bike for $13399-$13999 OTD. The difference is that these are big box multi-brand dealers and I would plan on doing whatever service at my local dealer. Obviously I would do simple service's myself. So is dealer loyalty worth $1000? Also he says their set up is stellar and I should be concerned re: other dealer's set up. Plus they have a really good mechanic with many years of KTM experience. My location is Portland, Oregon and I am talking about the Gresham dealer. Any thoughts?
I would try and buy the bike from the KTM ONLY dealer. Is there any way they will meet the other price? One way you could get closer is ask them to include some accessories like a tank bag/top case, or heated grips and the first service and an oil change or something like that to show you would rather spend the money with them and you intend to have them service the bike. My guess is they would rather sell you the bike and it doesn't seem like they are worlds apart and might just need to be a little creative.

I have tried to take my bike to a multi-line dealer with pretty poor results and am going back to the KTM only dealer which is further away, but the bike always seemed to be dialed in better by them. Think about it. How many KTM's does a mulit-line dealer actually service in a year? I learned the hard way trying to save time as the mulit-line dealer is closer. The answer is not too many. The KTM only dealer sees more bikes and has more knowledge because of it. (I did buy it from the KTM only dealer, but they were the only one who had the bike I wanted at the time.) I usually do most stuff myself but digging into the engine the bike sees the dealer. I am still learning but have come a long way since I purchased the bike.
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