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Originally Posted by Biebs View Post
I use ATF in my forks 89 R100GS.

ATF is 7 to 10 weight oil / hydaulic fluid - front forks on my bike still dive to much on braking.

10/40 motor oil andn it works tell me more????
I knew i was due for a fork oil service. After reading the oil threads i said "screw it".

First day i went to the sandia mountain (my test hill) and everything worked perfect on e i tighted up the rear. There is a dip on a bend right past the ski resort. Always scared me silly. After a couple passes i can tell you that it improved a lot.
It's stiffer but not jarring ... around town i can tell even more, but it is ok. On the feway the stupid front shake is gone. I am 200 pounds if that helps matters.

I'll get 5-20 or whatever and dial it in for lighter duty 50cc's at a time, but so far it works.
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