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Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
Who told you that you could create mixed-routes in Mac BaseCamp? It's quite simple - just create your along-road route segment and then switch to a non-routable map of the area you want to Direct Route in. Create your via points for the Direct Route and then switch back to the routable map and continue your routing. DO NOT recalculate the Route or you will screwup the Direct Routing segments. Also, make sure that you do the final routing on the routable maps (the same version as is on your Montana). If you do recalculate and the routable segments turn "Direct", simply use the "Select-opt" edit tool to drag the segments back to a routable road.
Thanks - another workaround to create a route that mixes direct and auto-routing sections is to change the activity in the Routing Properties dialog while drawing the route (shown in this youtube video - note that you have to hit Cmd-Z after changing activities, that's not so obvious from the video).

For me, switching to a non-routable map as you suggest (the only nonroutable map I have of my area is the Global map), doesn't show the trails and other details I need to draw the route along... so I find switching activities the better approach.

However, your point "DO NOT recalculate" is the rub: In order to preserve the direct routing segments, you cannot modify the route (add or remove waypoints) after it is drawn; you cannot drag that route into another route to combine routes; if you decide to change the global routing preferences for the Motorcycle activity, ALL your direct routing segments are lost... there are probably other cases where recalculation is done. For a day trip, none of that is a big deal. But while planning a twenty day journey, I end up creating provisional routes, finding out that one day has too many miles, editing the previous day, discovering a new offroad segment etc... During all this this editing I've found I lost and had to redraw the direct routing segments too many times for me to trust the workaround you propose.

The direct routing segments are simply not persistent enough. What is missing is a way in the Waypoint Properties to indicate that a Waypoint should always be treated as a "direct-routing" waypoint...

Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
P.S, Why are you "drawing" Tracks for a 300mi Day? Is that 300mi all not on a mapped road? When I want to create l-o-n-g Tracks, I just use the Routing tool and create a route. Then I just "Create Track from Route" and then add in any other track segments I might have.
Good point - what you say made me think of the feature I really want - I'd like to be able to make a "Journey Folder" - a special type of folder where the idea is that all the routes and tracks in folder are automatically stitched together to make one long route, and you can load the entire journey onto the device in one step. That way I could make a collection of different routes and tracks, then drop them all into the Journey Folder and have the system generate a single long route representing the total journey. This is effectively what I end up doing now - I find various suggested routes and trails on the web and edit them all together. But currently doing things like balancing routing so there are a reasonable number of miles a day is tedious.
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