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Originally Posted by max384 View Post
I did a few searches and didn't find what I was looking for. It seems hard to believe that there isn't a mega-thread on this topic on advrider... So if there is, could someone please provide me a link? Otherwise...

I just dumped Apple for a Samsung Galaxy S3. On my iPhone I had been using Navigon. I know it is available for purchase for my GS3, but I was really unhappy with the app on my iPhone and am not in a hurry to give it a try on my new phone. What are you guys using for cell signal-free navigation? I ride on the street virtually always. I wander off onto some light trails occasionally, but it happens so infrequently and I'm usually close enough to a paved road that I don't need offroad navigation capability. I just want a good road navigation app.

So, what say ye advrider?
navigation = googles own nav, built into google maps is the best in the world

offroad/offline = dualsportmaps (bad ui, ok offline, ok app), or oruxmaps, or whatever you find on the market.

for offline, I've given up on having a good reliable app. they jujst freeze, c rash, track wrong, or loose gps signal for no apparent reason. just today dualsportmaps had my phone shutting down while hiking. oruxmaps has the shittiest re-referencing and repositioning spontinaity ever.

ill be happy when they finally make offline maps effing WORK without all the extra bs settings, options, and stupid ui mistaks.
Yes, Android AND iphone GPS works without cellular data. Use offline maps and enjoy. (thanks drtbyk!)
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