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When you ride or race in Baja, you HAVE to be completely self reliant, to do otherwise is foolish at best. Half of racing in Baja is the logistical battle including pitting, chasing, hotels, transport, and personnel. A $1200 dollar entry fee is nothing, a $600 Mag-7 pit fee is so cheep one should expect little in return. Too bad this all comes too late for many "Bucket Listers" and "Dust to Glory-ites". I might sound a little harsh, but I've been doing this for over 40 years and have seen prolly more failures with attempting to race in Baja than successful efforts, especially since Dust to Glory came out.
I agree, self reliant is a must (undeniable). $600 to mag 7 for a "SCORE baja 1000" would be very "cheap," but for a NORRA type race, I don't think it is - there's no comparison logistics wise, or entry wise.
Relying on your paid support (Mag7 in this case) shouldn't be foolish at all. I've been a CHECKER for approx 10 years, so I know a thing or two about organizing pits, communicating with race teams, and relying on pits for support when racing. I've never "dropped the ball" when transporting fuel for a racecar/truck out to a pit, and neither has any of my club members - so I've never expected little in return.

If a "pit club" is going to offer pit support to racers (and charge them for it), then they better be able to back it up.

Being on a vintage CR500, I made the mistake (foolishy) of paying and relying on Mag7 to deliver pump gas to 6 pits (over 3 days). It's a pretty simple task actually, why would I expect anything else? But you say I should have "expected little?" HAHAHHA!!! Geez, I would have gladly paid double to "expect a little more than nothing." Or even triple to "expect something above average."


But whatever, $hit happens, right? Lesson learned. Hopefully some of you can learn from my mistake as well.
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