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Originally Posted by jondirt View Post
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The direct routing segments are simply not persistent enough. What is missing is a way in the Waypoint Properties to indicate that a Waypoint should always be treated as a "direct-routing" waypoint...

Good point - what you say made me think of the feature I really want - I'd like to be able to make a "Journey Folder" - a special type of folder where the idea is that all the routes and tracks in folder are automatically stitched together to make one long route, and you can load the entire journey onto the device in one step. That way I could make a collection of different routes and tracks, then drop them all into the Journey Folder and have the system generate a single long route representing the total journey. This is effectively what I end up doing now - I find various suggested routes and trails on the web and edit them all together. But currently doing things like balancing routing so there are a reasonable number of miles a day is tedious.
I also use the Route Properties window to do mixed-routing - I thought I would share the simple way.

Yeah, Garmin could make it easier on us folks that actually use the software to plan complex long Journeys - no matter what method we use: Tracks and/or Routes.

As for your "Journey Folder" idea, there is no way software is going to do trip optimization for you in a consistent manner that meets all of your expectations anytime soon - the next 20yrs. But, when it comes to sending all of your "Journey's" data together so that it shows as a collection, the Garmin Adventures feature is almost there. Unfortunately, for you who use Routes, they do not show in the Adventure "Collection" when it is transferred to the GPS (Handheld units only at this time). The Routes do get transferred to the Route Planner they just don't show in the "Collection". I can't fathom why Garmin did this but hopefully they will "fix" this soon.

If you don't already, I encourage you to go onto the Garmin Forums for Mac-BaseCamp and express your feature desires. The dev Team's do participate.


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