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Isn't that dangerous?
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so ive had an lc8 engine for a few years and it would click really loud while trying to start it almost like a backfire,and now its doing it alot more than it used to. Sounds like a really loud machine gun or a starter ten times louder than normal. Anybody ever have the same issue or know what is going wrong with this thing? thanks for your input!
Sounds like the starter torque limiter is going. There is an updated torque limiter and stator case that comes as a kit form KTM twins. Does it sound like there is a roll of quarters in your case when starting the bike? Is it getting progressively louder on startup? Does the noise end once the bike is started? Mine finally died one day and once I rpelaced the case and gear, it doesn't make the "clacking" noise on startup anymore.

Good luck.
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