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Your quite welcome..... If there are silver wires, that usually mean aluminum, which is bad. They do not hold up to vibration well, and if your bike vibes as much as mine....., then I would expect that the aluminum will not hold up. I am surprised to see any offering with aluminum. Only place aluminum wires are accepted is from the box on your street to your house. Ask for the country of origin, If is Chinese .... I would shop elsewhere.... Just my two cents. Which ever unit you get, it should carry the same hook up as the stock....IE... 3 wires from your stator..... and one to either ground, or battery negative.... The other to where the stock positive went..... Either fuse box, or battery...
Sorry, but silver wires RARELY mean they are aluminum. It usually indicates TINNED COPPER. Tinned copper wire is better than bare copper as it is much more corrosion resistant. Have you ever stripped copper wire that has been on the bike awhile and found it to be tarnished almost black. This tarnish can extend well up under the wire jacket. Tinned copper won't do that. It's particularly good in marine environments.
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